Mission Statement

Our mission is to help develop the gifts inside of the believers for the use in the market place along with inside of the church and to bring the healing power of God to the sick and the oppressed. We look to expose people to the miracle working power of God. We look to teach/train people to go forth in faith, being assured that they to, regardless of titles, positions, years of service etc, can represent Jesus to the people and manifest the gifts of the spirit as He leads them to do so. We also make house/ hospital calls as requested. We are equipping the saints to do the works of Jesus (John 14:12, Act 10:28, Mark 16:17-19)  with a large emphasis on the topics of faith, miracles, healing, Holy Spirit, and the gifts for the purpose of winning the lost. We rely on the scriptures to guide us in all we do. We are an evangelistic outreach. We look to be a help for the church not to work against, but shoulder to shoulder.